NVR POE Reolink RLN16-410B w/o HDD

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24/7 Continuous Recording
If you want 24/7 video recording or if you have multiple
IP cameras to manage, this Reolink NVR is your best choice.
Support all cameras recording at the same time (up to 16 cameras).
The motion detection recording function will trigger recording
only when motion is detected.
It’s much flexible and helpful for longer recording.
Customize Your Own Security Camera System
It supports all Reolink 12MP, 8MP, 5MP or 4MP IP cameras.
You can choose up to 16 cameras (not included)
to work with this NVR & build your own video surveillance system.
* Reolink NVRs are designed for Reolink security cameras ONLY.
IP66 Certified Weatherproof
With Audio (Mic) (Optional)
PoE — Easy Setup & Real Plug and Play
A real plug and play network video recorder!
It features PoE (Power over Ethernet),
with a single network cable connecting each of your IP cameras to the
NVR for both power supply and video signal transmission.
Easy wiring – the wiring process can’t be simpler for DIY enthusiasts.
Local and Remote Access & Control
For local access and control
Connect the system to a monitor or an HD TV.
For remote access and control
Use free Reolink App on a mobile device,
Reolink Client on a computer or via web browsers.
Support up to 12MP
Power over Ethernet

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