Portable Power Station 1200W UGREEN GS1200 15054

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Be Ready for Anything:
Be prepared for emergency situations. Keep
appliances in your home running with PowerRoam,
such as kettle, toaster, coffee maker and fridge.
U-Turbo Technology:
U-Turbo technology’s built-in advanced algorithm
lowers voltage enabling heavy-duty devices use
below 1200W.
Premium EV-Rated Battery:
Partnered with world-renowned BYD to provide
premium LiFePO4 EV batteries with a lifespan 6
times longer than traditional lithium-ion batteries.
Battery Management System(BMS):
The BMS regulates the batteries inside and
manages battery health using AI algorithms, which
allows the PowerRoam to run 6000 cycles to 60%
capacity, and 3000 cycles to 80% capacity.
Dedicated PowerRoam APP:
Adjust power settings, run diagnostic checks, set
maximum power levels, and confirm the remaining
charges of your PowerRoam, all in real time from
your mobile device.
Νot indicated in air condition and dryer machine,
Capacity: 1024Wh 30.4Ah 224V (212800mAh 3.2V)
EV-Rated LFP Batteries Cycle Life (80%): 3000 times
Powerzip Technology: get charged in no time, recharge from 0% to 80% in 1 hour
U -Turbo Technology: Compatible with most heavy-duty appliances & power tools
Support BMS/UPS /WIFI/Bluetooth/APP Function
4 lighting modes: Strong, Standard, Flash, and SOS
9 Ports output:
AC: 1200W*2 (Pure Sine Wave; Peak: 3000W; Maximum support for 2200W devices)
USB-C: 100W*2
USB-A: 22.5W*2 (Compatible with multiple fast charge protocols )
Car charger *1 (12V/10A 120W Max)
DC5521″2(Single-Port 12V/5A 60W Max)
Car Charger + DC521 X2= 120W Max
Output Total: 1565W max
AC 1200W (80% charge in 1 hour)
Solar charging 400W Max (Fully charged in about 4 hours)
DC/Car Charger 12V / 24V=8A Max
Display: 4.7 inch LCD
PC+ABS Shell: UL 94 V-0 Certified Flame Resistant
Two fans reduce overheating, At MAX output, fannoise is under 48dB
Dimensions: 34x 22 x 27 (cm)
Net Weight: 12.0kg
Charging Temperature: 0’C-40*C (32°F-104°F)
Discharging Temperature: -10*C-40°C (14″F~104″F)
Νot indicated in air condition and dryer machine,

Προσδιορισμός: Portable Power Station 1200W UGREEN GS1200 15054


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