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Smart Thermo-Hygro Meter LogiLink SC0116

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Monitor the temperature and humidity in your wine cellar, fruit cellar, server room, greenhouse or home remotely with the free Smart Life app, wherever you are. The thermo-hygrometer is controlled via your existing Wi-Fi network with the app. This means that you can set preset temperature and humidity values. If the temperature/humidity changes, you will immediately receive a notification on your smartphone, no matter where you are. Convenient and comfortable at the same time.
Maintain healthy indoor air quality
Perfect for wine cellars, fruit cellars, server rooms, greenhouses or for home
Wi-Fi remote monitoring
Control via free Smart Life app
Set temperature and humidity values
If the temperature/humidity changes, you will immediately receive a notification on your smartphone
With a built-in sensor made in Switzerland, the measurements are accurate to ±0.5° C and ± 5% RH
ideal to prevent growth of mold and bacteria and relieve physical discomfort
Voice control with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant
LCD display status: power supply, Wi-Fi signal, temperature, humidity
Batteries: 3x AA batteries
General product data:
Weight: 0.072 kg
Height: 2.8 cm
Width: 6.4 cm
Length: 6.4 cm

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